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It began as an idea, for a while it was a shop.  Today, it is a belief and a way of life.  Welcome to Abel and Lovely.

Sudsy soaps, body oils, and beeswax candles cast from sticks are just a few of the natural and organic products we choose to live by.   If you want to make someone's day, check out the Farmer’s Basket.  A portion of the proceeds benefit the Vermont Cancer Center.

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It's a photo-shoot!  Wear your Abel & Lovely t-shirt and join Burlington's longest line ever of Ready, Willing, Abel and Lovely women supporting Breast Cancer Awareness month October 5th and 6th.  A portion of the proceeds go  directly to the Vt. Cancer Center at UVM Fletcher Allen Health Care.

The T-Shirt Project for Breast Cancer Awareness

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Click on the poster to see how our very first Longest Line of Abel and Lovely People went in Burlington.